For the past 40+ years, Richard Bandler has dedicated himself to developing new ideas, tools, techniques and true models for the advancement of human evolution. For the last 35+ years, John has been teaching Persuasion Engineering® to people in Fortune 100 companies, while achieving incredible results. Our book on Persuasion Engineering® is so successful, that we have sold out most of our programs since inception.

Benefits Of Our Persuasion Engineering® Program

  • Sky Rocket Sales
  • Accelerate Your Bottom Line
  • Achieve More Responsive Customer Service
  • Increase Income
  • Influence More Gently but with Precision
  • And Many More!

Introduction To Persuasion Engineering®

Richard Bandler, creative genius of Neuro-Linguistic Programming made one of the most astonishing discoveries many, many years ago. It's not NLP itself, or the great strategies that you can learn from this breakthrough technology. The great secret is how language (both verbal and body language), and behavior connect.

In the early nineties, Richard created Design Human Engineering® ,also known as DHE®)as the next step in the evolution of NLP. Design Human Engineering® is Richard's combination of how to engineer your brain in a way which will allow you to be your best.

Further expanding on his program, Patterns of Persuasion™ was developed in order to help people use this knowledge successfully in their own businesses and personal lives. John's sales and consulting strategies were then applied to this method, in order to fully establish the program as you know it today.

During our Persuasion Engineering® course, you will learn to be more persuasive and influential. Most of the time, your customers or those who you are trying to influence will tell you exactly what they want. With our program, you will learn what to listen for, and understand how to analyze these situations effectively.