Become a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming® through The World's Most Respected NLP Training Institution and personally receive your NLP Master Practitioner Training with co-founder and creative genius of NLP: Dr. Richard Bandler.

What NLP Techniques Will I Learn?

Learn the state-of-the-art skills and techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as they have been developed by Richard Bandler to date. Understand and use the models that constitute NLP such as the Meta Model, the Milton Model, Strategies, Submodalities™, as they were intended. While step by step descriptions of several NLP techniques are readily available, the impact of such techniques are not. The impact is not only learning NLP techniques and procedures, but in knowing how, when and under which circumstances to use which ones. Our Master Practitioner training builds on your prior NLP knowledge to take your skills to the next level, and then shoot them into the stratosphere!

  • Use the language that your client is presenting to help them make changes
  • Track their Meta Programs in the sequence you'd need to understand in order to use the patterns back correctly
  • Use Time & Space predicates and use their predicates back nonverbally
  • Use Conversational Hypnosis
  • Use Timelines effectively and exquisitely
  • Use Prepositions to move their representations spatially
  • Challenge the Presuppositions in their language for the most critical fulcrum of change
  • Use Propulsion Systems
  • Future Pace so that it Works for them in the Future
  • Shift Values
  • Explore the Power of Hypnosis
  • And Many More...

Learn the secrets of successful communication, elegant teaching, and wanton motivation through NLP. Not everyone is convinced about this training. Until they try it, that is. As soon as you step into this seminar, you will be delighted with new insights, new ideas, new strategies and new approaches to getting what you want, in the shortest time possible. . . NLP Seminars Group International places a strong emphasis on training others to become NLP trainers to continue the work of spreading the powerful knowledge, skills, and life changing techniques that come with learning NLP. 

By exploring NLP you reward yourself with the best and most advanced technology available in rapport, self-change, sales, & persuasion, and more! We invite you to give yourself a gift unlike any you've ever experienced... acquire training in NLP through NLP Seminars Group International and open the floodgates to achievement!