For years Dr. Bandler studied how geniuses used their minds to accomplish what they did and was able to successfully replicate the results they produced.

Design Human Engineering®, also known as DHE®, takes for granted the opportunity to design internal strategies and builds that foundation on one key premise. That which is already available to an individual initially, is nowhere near what that person is capable of.

In order to design skills, it is important that observation be precise and that the differences between what you want and what you don't want are extreme and therefore obvious. These are functions of internal processing. When you see someone you know very well, you know what kind of a mood they are in by the tone of voice they use. The difference between happy and sad is unmistakable. Design Human Engineering® allows you to make the distinction in perception that will make the difference in action. If there is no difference in perception, you will learn how to use your senses so that there is one.

When understanding how strategies work, you must also understand how they function in relationship to other strategies. The ability to design contextual shifts in all parameters simultaneously, is the realm of Design Human Engineering®, DHE®. 

When designing and using strategies it is necessary to make those distinctions which will allow you to accomplish the task at hand. The models that constitute Neuro-Linguistic Programming create sets of distinctions that allow us to communicate better, as well as, replicate behaviors that others are able to produce.

Design Human Engineering® not only allows you to create new strategies and skills, but allows you to create better motivation strategies to get tasks done.